BBC Radio Wiltshire 17.12.18

Interview BBC Radio Wiltshire, Have been invited to BBC Radio Wiltshire tonight, to have a chat on a lovely new programme called The Social, hosted by the lovely Sue Kinnear & jovial Tim Weeks. The Social is broadcast at 7pm on a Monday evening & explores the weird world of Wiltshire online. Sue & TimContinue reading “BBC Radio Wiltshire 17.12.18”

BBC Wiltshire GBBO Challenge

Having whisked up the Aquafaba – Chickpea juice for the uninitiated – to the desired consistency. I gradually added the sugar, beating well between each addition. When I has achieved what I thought was the right texture,

Truffleicious in May

As people are more aware of their #sugar intake, I have also discovered that #savoury products are more sought after, than sweeter options these days.  I have developed a range of #recipes, again using #spelt & #rye, but also utilising a range of root vegetables,